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Our “Creative Custom Solutions” are tailored around clients and their specific needs.


Paradise Logistics® leverages its strength in multiple modes of transportation and provides clients with affordability, flexibility and transparency when it comes to their shipments.

Paradise has a veteran team that creates customer-focused programs that bring results that improve your operation, enhance the customer experience and ultimately improves the bottom line. All of our programs are designed to deliver a competitive advantage for our customers. As a majority of freight will move via truckload & LTL, we also are a leading intermodal-marketing provider.

Our Intermodal Division specializes in intermodal as an alternative to OTR for mid to long distance shipments. We are at the forefront of the intermodal market by efficiently connecting shippers to the rail as a strong cost alternative mode to ship their domestic freight.

Combine all these options and features with industry knowledge and dedicated customer focused team; we use a proven system and state of the art technology that delivers a custom program to meet most customers’ needs.

Freight Services
Freight Services
Freight Services

Everyone at Paradise Logistics® is focused on building lasting relationships with our clients and is always our top priority. We are dedicated to delivering quality service that our customers can rely on!

We have all the right technology, let us help you!

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